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Subscribing to Imaging Experts

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from Imaging Experts instantly deliver articles to subscribers as they are posted on this website, using a technology called XML (eXtensible Markup Language). In order to take advantage of this capability, you must either have an RSS aggregator installed, or subscribe to a web-based news aggregator (most are free). See the RSS Aggregators section of this page for hyperlinks to a few aggregators that we recommend.

Getting the Feed

Once you have an RSS aggregator installed, you can get the imaging experts feed by clicking on the giant light bulb, the "Subscribe to this blog's feed" link or the either of these buttons:

Simply copy and paste the page address (URL) into your program, or drag the URL of the RSS feed into your RSS aggregator. Because there are hundreds of aggregators out there, we offer links to both .xml and .rdf versions of the rss feed.

RSS Aggregators

  • Amphetadesk - Windows, Mac, Linux (open source); freeware.
  • Bloglines - Web-based news aggregator; free.
  • FeedDemon - Windows; commercial software, trial available.
  • Feedreader - Windows (open source); freeware.
  • NewsFire - Mac OS X; freeware.

There are hundreds of aggregators available as freeware or commercial products. The list above is only a small sample of those available.

Imaging Experts can also be syndicated on personalized home pages such as