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February 20, 2007



You are missing one point here - only one vendor can implement OpenXML, namely Microsoft. Those concerns are valid.


I'm not sure you understand what an open standard is, and what being approved by the ECMA (and soon ISO) means.

Any vendor that wants to can implement OpenXML, and many, like Novell, already have plans or are working on solutions around it.


You're mixing up "can" and "is allowed to". Microsoft's format is tailored not to describe documents in general, but Microsoft Office documents in particular. The fact that the format is open doesn't mean the specs are. How exactly do you expect someone without access to internal Microsoft documentation to implement something like this:


This element specifies that applications shall emulate the behavior of a previously existing word processing application (Microsoft Word 6.x/95/97) when determining the placement of the contents of footnotes relative to the page on which the footnote reference occurs. This emulation typically involves some and/or all of the footnote being inappropriately placed on the page following the footnote reference."

You can argue that things like this can be ignored in an application that doesn't know how to emulate an old version of Word, but have you considered that this puts Microsoft in the position where it can say it's the only one with a 100% complete implementation of this "open standard"?

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