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December 20, 2006


Filiep Declercq

Nice overview!
You say "A plug-in also exists to enable Office 2003 to use the new XPS formats."
Can Word 2003 read XPS formats with this plug-in?

James Palo

In researching this I have found a plugin exists only to write the Xps format in Office 2007 only. You can view the Xps format with FireFox or Internet Explorer with a downloadable plugin. A stand alone viewer also exists from Microsoft. I was told at a Vista seminar that a plugin exists to read and write the Office Open XML format if using Office 2003. I have also seen this on the Microsoft web site.


If you have Vista, the reader is built into IE7 and the generator is built into the OS.

If you are on XP or Server 2003, you can install either the .NET Framework 3.0, or both the XPS Essentials Pack and MS Core XML Services 6 to enable support for XPS reading and generation.

Microsoft's page for that is here:

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