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October 13, 2006


Stéphane Bury

Wow, complicated workaround ! (same as mine to indent code below ;-) )
just to inform you that it exist another way to do that quickly when surrounding the content of your method with {
See example below:

_ public static void doSpecialWork(String param1) {
_ _ final String fParam1 = param1;
_ _ {
_ _ _ public Object run() {
_ _ _ _ _ //Put the code of your method here
_ _ _ _ _ ...
_ _ _ _ _ ...
_ _ _ _ _ return "";
_ _ _ }
_ _ }
_ _ );
_ }

You only have to convert all method params into final (see fParam1).
No change in your javascript.


Stéphane Bury
Developper Analyst

Mohan Chandran

I have created an applet that does the functionality of connecting to remote host using SFTP. When i tried to launch my applet, exception "AccessControlException, access denied" is thrown. I have self signed my jar file. But still same problem persists. How do i solve this issue???


Thank you so much for your workaround! It has worked for me, while the AccessController one couldn't...Don't know why. Anyway, the important thing is that it works and that my job is going on! :) THANK YOU!!! :)

Sebastian Adolph


thank you very very much for this example!!!

i have tried both examples...with one strange fact:

When i trigger the action for the first time it is pretty slow until i get a result back.

When i trigger the actions again it work as i would nearly realtime.

Is this problem familiar to someone?

If yes...any help is very much appreciated!

Kind regards,


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