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November 08, 2005


Stan Smythe

I'd like to take exception with your comment that Microsoft hasn't benefitted its customers. I used to be a Wordperfect fan way back and I still like it's interface better than Word. But it was buggy, and it would keep crashing.

Sure, I didn't like the fact that Microsoft
was pricing MS Office artificially low to force out the competition but from a corporate perspective, downtime as well as price are both important. Having both factors in its favor is why I think Word became the de facto standard.

I think the same factors may apply with the Open Document initiative. Sure I expect Open Document to be less money or at least be competitive with MS Office. But I'd be very slow to recommend that my corporate customers move to a new product unless I had a lot of experience that it was reliable with similar performance.

Should the State of Massachusetts be a pioneer in the changeover? Not with my tax money. Let someone else lead the way.


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