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September 19, 2005


Stan Smythe

So what do you think is the real issue here? Is this a battle between the giants - Microsoft versus IBM and Sun and Massachusetts is just looking for free software?

Or is there some validity to this pursuit? Can Massachusetts get the same functionality as Word with Oasis and pay less? Is it all about money?

Has Massachusetts thought it through? Will they miss out on new developments that only market leaders like Microsoft can provide?

Is XML a real solution?


Jim Palo

All great questions, I don't have the answers.
In most large organizations the real cost for software is the installation, training, maintenance and support.

So I doubt the State of Mass will really save a lot of money since all employees will have to be trained on new software.

It is clearly a battle of the giants between IBM, Sun and Microsoft also Adobe. They were all present and well prepared for the meeting.

There was more than one civilian attendee that blasted the State of Mass on the plan to switch to Open Office. This software is still in Beta, I believe.

I am not a large fan of Microsoft Office but would find it hard to conduct business without it. It is the standard. When we post a Job here at Snowbound Software 99% of the resumes are in Word format. Also all of the contracts for software sales are in Word format.

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